Coastal geography education


Previous coastal geography courses:
  • Fluvial and coastal environments (2017)
  • Marine and coastal spatial planning (2012, 2014, 2016) with Åbo Akademi, Environmental and Marine Biology
  • Coastal Geography 1: Global coastal environments. (2006, 2007, 2009, 2014) Lectures, 2 sp.
  • Itämeren ympäristödynamiikka (Environmental dynamics of the Baltic Sea) (2011)
  • Coastal Geography 2: Applied Environmental Topics. (2006, 2009) Lectures, group work, 2 sp.
  • Water quality dynamics and research course (2008)
  • Coastal Geography 3: Geoinformatics in Coastal Applications. (2006-2007) Distance learning, 3 sp.
Please see the department's website for information regarding upcoming courses.

Topics for M.Sc. theses

UTU-CGG members support students who work with coastal topics in their Master's thesis. Some possible topics listed below:
  • Creating an enhanced geodatabase  for the Archipelago  Sea
  • Characterization of the islands in the Archipelago Sea by spatial modelling
  • Characterization of the Archipelago Sea as a tilted peneplain
  • Distribution of deciduous and coniferous forests in the Archipelago Sea
  • Seasonality and climate change in the Archipelago Sea
  • Underwater mapping: methodological development
  • Modelling of seawater basins and volumes in the archipelago area
  • Water sampling in conditions of dynamic sea currents: methodological development
  • Digital maps in support of tourism in the Archipelago Sea
  • Environmental management in coastal areas


Student work of the course "Marine and Coastal Spatial Planning 2014" by the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University:
A Tentative Marine and Coastal Spatial Plan for the Gulf of Finland.


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