Coastal research at the Department of Geography and Geology
UTU-CGG research constitutes a number of different topics and methodological approaches. Staff members and researchers working in projects are responsible for most of the work, but student participation is also valuable. The individual coastal research projects may have different approach to coastal issues and receive their funding from different sources.
 Thematically, the range of research efforts covers diverse topics from physical and human geography to coastal zone management and Marine Spatial Planning. The methods of geoinformatics (remote sensing & GIS) are widely applied with an advanced use of the analysis and data presentation possibilities.

Research themes  

The main study areas of the group are located in the Baltic Sea coasts of Finland. The Finnish coasts provide a unique environment for coastal research. The area differs from oceanic coasts in many respects: there is no tidal activity, the Baltic Sea is shallow (average depth 55 m), the sea water is brackish (surface salinty in the SW-Finnish archipelago ranging from 0.35 to 0.7 %), and the sea freezes in winter. The UTU-CGG research themes include, but are not limited to:
  • Marine Spatial Planning
  • Water quality monitoring and modelling
  • Studies concerning underwater light availability
  • Inventory and modelling of coastal geomorphology and biogeography
  • Spatial modelling of coast specific phenomena
  • Coastal spatial data infrastructures and information services
  • Scientific information in coastal zone management











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