Programme and Prices

​Dance Rehearsal

Rehearsal of the polonaise and mignon waltz are rehearsed at Turku VPK House (Eskelinkatu 5) on Thursday, 4 May at 6pm, and at the University of Turku Main Building on Saturday, 20 May at 3pm.

Rehearsal for the Conferment Ceremony Thursday 25 May 2017 at the Concert Hall at 2pm

At the rehearsal, the different stages of the Conferment Ceremony will be explained thoroughly. All Doctors, Honorary Doctors and Conferrers have to attend the rehearsal. Instructions will be delivered to the attendees beforehand.

Sword Sharpening Ceremony at the lobby of the University’s Main Building, on Thursday at 7pm

The swords are sharpened with grindstones which the heralds wet with sparkling wine. The grindstone is rotated by the avec of the doctor or honorary doctor. The swords are sharpened in the conferment order, first all the honorary doctors. After the welcome speech there is a dinner and before the sword sharpening there is a dance performance and a speech to the sword. At the end of the evening there is dance.

Price: 50 eur per/person

Conferment Ceremony at the Concert Hall on Friday 26 May 2017 at noon

The Conferment Ceremony begins with an academic procession which includes the chancellors, rectors, professorate, conferrer, honorary doctors and the doctors.

The programme of the Conferment Ceremony includes a speech by the conferrer of the faculties of philosophy. Afterwards, all the honorary doctors and doctors will receive their hats, swords and diplomas. The conferment is carried out one faculty at time. There will also be music in the Conferment Ceremony.

The academic procession leaves the hall in a reversed order, i.e. first the conferrers, then the honorary doctors and doctors in conferring order.

Price: 50 eur/per person for those who participate only in the Conferment Ceremony. Otherwise free of charge​The Ceremony is free of charge also for guests.

Academic procession from the Concert Hall to the Cathedral (approximately at 3pm)

After a short break, the academic procession will reassemble and head for the Service in the Cathedral. The mounted police will ride and the flag-bearers will walk in front of the procession. Everyone is welcome to come and watch the procession, for example, to the Cathedral Square.

Service at the Cathedral (approximately at 3.30pm)

Seats will be reserved for the procession in the front and in the middle of the Cathedral. Relatives and the audience may seat themselves freely in any available seat. The swords cannot be taken into the church and are left to the lobby for the duration of the Service.

Laying of the Wreaths

After the Service, the representatives of the conferred doctors lay wreaths of conifer sprigs on the grave of Porthan and on the soldiers´ graves.

Ceremonial Conferment Banquet at Turku Castle on Friday 26 May 2017 at 7pm

A festive dinner will be served in a banqueting hall at Turku Castle. During the banquet, will be held a series of speeches.

Prize: 120 eur per/person. The prize includes the ball.

Ceremonial Conferment Ball at Turku VPK House (approximately at midnight)

The ball will begin with the Polonaise, after which the hall fills up with dancers. The evening will then continue with other dances and end at daybreak with a speech to the sun.


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