Academic Procession

​After the Conferment Ceremony, the honorary doctors and doctors usually have a moment to freshen up before proceeding to the service. A chance to rest for a while opened up also in 1955. At that time, the Ceremonial Conferment Committee could proudly pronounce that the Conferment Ceremony had proceeded precisely according to the schedule. After the brief rest, the procession was ready to make its way to the Cathedral.

Luckily, all the precautions for rainy weather were not needed as the sun was shining warmly and brightly, even though it was the beginning of June. The warm day and the chance to see the grand and rare procession had attracted thousands of townspeople. In front of the Concert Hall, there was enough people to make a crowd, but also Aninkaistenkatu Street, which was closed to traffic and decorated with Finnish flags, was teaming with people on both sides. In addition, the Cathedral Square was full of watchers, hundreds of them.

The procession was academically dignified but also delightfully colourful. The high doctoral hats and shining swords, gleaming medals, the heralds’ ribbons and roses brought colour and splendour to the procession. Hundreds of cameras immortalised the procession during its journey to the Cathedral but it will also live in the memories of the viewers for a long time. As the Finnish flags flew, the procession proceeded slowly down the sunny Aninkaistenkatu Street and across the bridge towards the historical Unikankare. The bells of the Cathedral welcomed the procession. The centuries-old temple once again took in the group of guests arriving from the celebration of the academic laurel.


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