Master’s Conferment

​The second Ceremonial Conferment of the University of Turku was held in 1955. At that time, the event programme was much more extensive compared to the first conferment. The programme included, for example, a wreath binding ceremony. Master’s mark of rank is a wreath instead of a hat.

The choosing of the wreath bindress was held traditionally on Flora’s day, which denotes a flower. In 1965, Professor Osmo Järvi’s daughter, Outi Järvi, was asked to be the wreath bindress. Miss Järvi was requested to accept the honour with the following words:

We ask you, Miss Järvi, to be the wreath bindress to those who are to be promoted from the Faculty of Humanities and Mathematics and Natural Sciences. We would like to bind our wreaths with your lead. As the queen of our celebration and its most beautiful jewel, you will represent youth when everything is possible and light as well as the youth of spirit to which all those who are promoted and attending must strive towards.

In the last decades, the Wreath Binding Ceremony has not been organised as there have not been any Master’s Conferments. In this, year 1970 was special: for the first time in a ceremonial conferment of the University of Turku, no masters were conferred.

The justification from that time is still valid today: “We have arrived to this restriction for purely technical reasons – including the masters in the ceremonial conferment would have increased the amount of the attendees to such numbers that we could not realistically organise the event successfully.” So far the last Master’s Conferment of the University was organised in 1977.


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