​The books written about the Ceremonial Conferments at the University of Turku reveal that the preparations have always been thorough and detailed. Nothing has been left to chance. The Ceremonial Conferment Committee has had a significant role in planning the event. What is common to the organisers and attendees of the Ceremonial Conferment is the will to follow the centuries old conferment traditions.

Over the decades, there have been colourful accounts on the preparations and mishaps of the Ceremonial Conferments at the University of Turku. For instance, during the Ceremonial Conferment in 1970, there was a shortage of hotel rooms in Turku and the lodging of outside guests was becoming a problem. The situation was solved by accommodating the honorary doctors and some of the other guests of honour in a building in the brand new Student Village. In the Ceremonial Conferment Book of 1970, the matter is reminisced as follows:

The solution that satisfied the organisers turned out to be successful also for the guests – staying in the modern student hall of residence fully equivalent to a hotel level of quality was satisfactory to all without exception. One of the guests even felt that staying in the cosy and practical Student Village was the fulfilment of the student years.


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