• Registration is binding.
  • The last day for registering to the event will be announced later. The date by which you have to have completed your doctoral degree and the faculty must have approved it remains the same.
  • By registering to the event via the link below (link will open in September 2019), you are registering to the Conferment Ceremony organised at the Concert Hall on 29 May 2020. You can read more about the other events of the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees here.
  • You can register to the other events in the Ceremonial Conferment in early 2020. At that time, you can also register your companion, special diets and the number of guests attending the Conferment Ceremony. If you have registered to the Conferment Ceremony, you will receive an email on when the registration to the different events starts in March.
  • PARTICIPATING: You do not have to attend to all of the events. You can participate only in the Conferment Ceremony, its rehearsal and the academic procession. You can invite 1–4 guests to the Conferment Ceremony. You can attend the other events either alone or with a companion.
  • REHEARSALS: When participating in the Conferment Ceremony, you also have to participate in the rehearsal. When participating in the Ceremonial Conferment Ball, you can attend one of the two rehearsals. See the rehearsal timetable.
  • PARTICIPATION FEES: (announced later) The bill will be sent to you in May.
  • DOCTORAL HAT AND SWORD: You cannot participate in the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees without a doctoral hat and sword. Both are made by hand so they should be ordered in March at the latest. You can also borrow a hat and a sword. However, make sure that your hat has the emblem that corresponds to your degree and that the sword has the correct emblem as well. More information on ordering the hat and sword can be found here.
  • DRESS CODE: Available here.
  • CEREMONIAL CONFERMENT REGISTER: Before the celebration, the University prints a Ceremonial Conferment Register that includes the personal information of the honorary doctors and the doctors who are conferred as well as the programme of the Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees. When registering to the event from the link below, you must also fill in your personal information for the Ceremonial Conferment Register. Below, you can find an example on what kind of information is requested for the Register and in what form it should be expressed.
  • PHOTO FOR THE REGISTER: You will be requested for a photo for the register. You do not have to add a photo to the form if you had a photo attached to your press release on the dissertation defence. You can also add the photo to the form or send it later by email. However, it is not mandatory that your photo is in the Ceremonial Conferment Register.
  • You can ask for more information by sending email to promootio(at)

The registration to the Ceremonial Conferment (announced later)

An example of the information required for the register:
First name: Maija
Last Name: Meikäläinen
Previous last name Mallikas
Date of birth: 01.01.1979
Place of birth: Turku
Secondary school degree, year, institution, place: 2001 Klassikon lukio, Turku Academic basic degree, year, university: MA 2009, University of Turku
Other academic degrees, year, university:
Doctoral degree, year: Ed. D. 2016
Faculty: Faculty of Education
Title of the dissertation: Oppilaiden motivointi liikunnanopetuksessa 1960-luvulla. Docenture, year, discipline, university:
Current profession and/or title: Coordinator
Organisation: City of Turku
First name of the spouse: Matti
Last name of the spouse: Meikäläinen
Degree and/or profession of the spouse MA, teacher of arts
Child(ren)’s first name(s) and year(s) of birth: Elias 2011, Elina 2013

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