Anesthesia and sleep

This project is conducted in close collaboration with the Anesthesia Mechanisms Group, led by Associate Professor, MD, PhD Harry Scheinin. Our main focus is on the contents of consciousness during unresponsiveness, and the neural mechanisms that underlie the loss and return of the state of consciousness. By using anesthesia and sleep to modulate the state of consciousness, we aim to separate consciousness from responsiveness, and connectedness from disconnectedness. The major methods we use include the pharmacological manipulation of consciousness by anesthetic agents, high-resolution imaging of brain activity, and electrophysiological measurements during anesthesia and sleep. Data concerning the subjective contents of consciousness is collected and combined with brain imaging and neurophysiological measurements.

Principal investigators: Antti Revonsuo, Harry Scheinin, Katja Valli, Roosa Kallionpää, Linda Radek




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