Mediatutkimus ja folkloristiikka: Social Media and Popular Culture (METU1034)

A collaborative course between Media Studies and Folkloristics. 

11.1.2017 klo 12–14

18.1. klo 12–14

25.1. klo 12–16

1.2. klo 12​–14

8.2. klo 12–16

15.2. klo 12–14

22.2. klo 12–16

Teachers: Katariina Kyrölä, Kaarina Koski, Anne Heimo ja Kirsi Hänninen

Time: III period, Jan 11 – Feb 22 (E325, Minerva, Sirkkala)

More information availabe in curricula guide 

Computer science: Principles of Interaction Design (TKO_3110)

The course provides the students with abilities to use coherent design language on digital artefacts. The students obtain an expert posture in analysing design choices in a focused and insightful manner. The skills in understanding interaction principles, learned during this course, are beneficial for interaction analysts and designers in business, as well as in research.

Teachers: Tomi Suovuo ja Erkki Sutinen

Time: III–​IV periods, Jan 1 – Apr 25, on Tuesdays 8.15–9.456 (110C, Agora)

More information availabe in curricula guide 






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