Drones in cereal farming
​Our quadcopter and common wild oat

The project is a Rural Innovation Group (EIP), with participating researchers from the Molecular Plant Biology unit of the Department of Biochemistry and from the Department of Future Technologies. In addition, local farmers and a local drone service company participate in the project. We develop methods for field imaging and for automatic analysis of the images.

The fields under investigation are located in the Nousiainen-Mynämäki area near the village of Valpperi. 

For more information, please contact Esa Tyystjärvi (mailto:

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Department of Biochemistry​ / Molecular plant biology

Esa Tyystjärvi

Heta Mattila​

Tinja Pitkämä​ki

Department of Future Technologies

Tapio Pahikkala

Olli Nevalainen

Jukka Teuhola

Jonne Pohjankukka​



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