Aurora grantees are obliged to contact the Coordinator in issues regarding the travel tickets prior to their studies.

The University of Turku will book international airline tickets (e-tickets) for the grantees on request. These tickets are pre-paid and you do not need to use your own money for purchasing them.

Train and bus tickets must be booked and paid by the grantees themselves. The costs can be reclaimed from the University of Turku against original travel tickets and receipts. When claiming the costs, please remember to indicate the date, location and price of your travel clearly, to ensure a prompt reimbursement process. Costs of local transportation are not covered.

In order to book the tickets for the grantee, s/he has to fill in the Form for Travel Details (Annex VII) after s/he has consulted his/her Host University of the arrival and departure dates and obtained a visa. The travel arrangements are made using the most reasonable option. If the travel tickets are required for the visa application process, the tickets can be booked once the grantee has sent a copy of the invitation letter provided by the hosting university to the Coordinator.

Please note that the Consortium will cover only one round trip against original travel tickets. For target group 1 grantees the travel costs are covered from home university to host university. For target group 2 and 3 the travel costs are covered from home to host university.

All original travel documents must be kept safe and sent to the University of Turku by post regardless if the travel tickets have been pre-paid or not. The Consortium is not responsible for changes made on travel tickets after they have been confirmed by the grantee. Therefore it is recommended that the grantee starts the visa application process as soon as possible and schedules the trips according to the visa processing procedure. Any additional trips (e.g. during regular holidays) grantees have to cover themselves.


Please remember to keep all the original boarding passes and tickets safe and send them to the Coordinator by post after your travel.


Travel tickets are to be sent to the following address:
University of Turku
International Office / Aurora
Rehtorinpellonkatu 3

for courier services:
tel. +358 2 333 7933


20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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