​Aurora II project gave me possibility to gain and to share knowledge

During the 2015 till 2017 I was fortuned to participate in Aurora II project for staff exchange and visit Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU). This exchange gave me possibility to widen scientific and academic contacts not only to west, but also to east from my home country!

I have been teaching in different universities in Europe, still it was new experience for me to teach students of Commonwealth of Independent States. To teach business and marketing courses was not a big difference comparing with Europe, but there was difference in tourism management subjects as students in Europe travel more frequently and on more independent pace therefore I had to explain more in details about the new developments in tourism industry. After the lectures I am happy to keep in touch with students and sometimes consult them on their research questions.

Colleagues at the Marketing department were very open and friendly, even though having a big working load. I was able to compare the formal legal formalisation of academic processes, reporting system to different institutions. I learned from them their active promotion of alumni success and cooperation with business sector.

I had fun giving lectures. I worked with bachelor and master students on Basics of Management in tourism, Cooperation of service enterprises, Health tourism, Extended marketing mix in tourism, Globalisation of strategic alliances, The value of creativity and innovation in entrepreneurship, Personality traits essential for successful entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship DNA, Leadership, Intercultural business communication ethical aspects, Global marketing specifics, Communication strategies – standardisation  versus adaptation. I hope these lectures show high multiplication effect for Aurora II scholarship!

I participated in conferences organised by NSTU “Economic infrastructure branches: problems and development perspectives”, “Social communication and society evolution”, "Integrity and good-neighborliness: the challenge of our time", ”Development perspectives of health tourism in Siberia”, as well I published some of conference articles in the conference’s proceedings and journals. It was very interesting to be kind of “internationalisation tool” for plenary sessions of university’s conferences and I hope I did my best!

As the result of cooperation with NSTU staff, we made a comparative research with NSTU on Tourism enterprise cooperation specifics in Riga and Novosibirsk, which was presented in UL conference.

During the Novosibirsk Tourism trade fair SITT, it was interesting to meet tourism industry representatives and see in practice the influence of currency exchange rate on tourism industry development. It was useful to learn on Siberia region university’s involvement in tourism trade fair and organisation of all region tourism student contest. Talking with Novosibirsk tourism representatives I tried to explain the need for further work in availability tourism information for foreign individual travellers and location of recently opened Tourism information center, which is the only one in the city.

International office was very helpful, both in quite a big amount of paper work filling, as well in my integration not only in NSTU processes, but also in social activities of Novosibirsk in general. The same I can say about Aurora II Finland coordinators, they were very helpful checking that all information for me is clear and do not forget to introduce all the invoices.

Challenge was the final project trip regarding visa arrangement when standard invitation was two times refused and on third attempt I got visa 3 hours before the flight.

Choice of Novosibirsk was the right one! Almost every day I was going to different cultural events that were on very high quality and for affordable price – majestic Opera and Ballet theatre with world level ballet, classical concerts revealing works of local and international composers, that so many theatre performances that make you cry sometimes by bringing very deep dramatic emotions and sometimes laughing so much that you cannot stop to cry again. I truly fell in love with world of culture of Novosibirsk and with performances of Markellovi golosa!

Thank you Aurora II for choosing me as grantee, thank you NSTU for accepting me as visiting staff and thank you Novosibirsk that you became part of my life!

(photo: Kristine Berzina)

Published date 11/23/2017 9:30 AM ,  Modified date 11/23/2017 9:46 AM

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