Broadening Your Skills with an Aurora Internship
Daria Iurko is a teacher and linguist doing an Aurora internship at the Brahea Centre for Training and Development. Originally from Saint Petersburg, Daria already has a teacher’s specialist degree from Russia but decided apply for the Master’s Degree Programme in Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems at the University of Turku.
As her previous degree is very specific, Daria has enjoyed the general nature of her master studies in Turku, which allow her to use a wide range of skills. An internship is a compulsory part of the degree and Daria´s working experience as a teacher would have been recognized as an internship.
However, lately she has found herself more interested in educational policies and she wanted some working experience from Finland. When she heard about the possibility of applying for an Aurora internship, she knew she wanted one. ”I already know everything that is happening inside the classroom, now I want to know what is outside and be involved in these processes “ she says.
Working in the Brahea Development has introduced her to new areas of work. For example, her personal favourite, the Projektiässät project has allowed Daria to combine her teacher skills with the administrative tasks. She has planned content for the education days of the project while also learning new things such as planning budgets and updating websites. She doesn´t consider these tasks difficult but getting to do these things yourself and learning some convenient tips has given her important experience. “I learned a set of skills that seem so minor but are so valuable”, she emphasizes.
The internship has helped Daria to clarify her future plans. “I have learned a completely different area of work for myself, so at least now I know that I enjoy doing what I’m doing here. I can easily see myself doing that in the future.” She also sees that an internship abroad can also be beneficial in the Russian labour market. Especially if a person would like to work for Russian or Finnish institutions or companies doing cooperation or business in Russia.
Daria also commends the working atmosphere and the supportive tutoring she has received. Her project manager has given her responsibility and they are often brainstorming ideas together with the staff. “I have learned a lot of skills from different areas and I know what I need to develop”, Daria sums up her experiences.
Published date 7/8/2015 2:40 PM ,  Modified date 7/9/2015 4:06 PM

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