Journal articles:

  • Salo H, Berisha A-K & Mäkinen J. Seasonal comparison of moss bag technique against vertical snow samples for monitoring atmospheric pollution. Journal of Environmental Sciences (accepted).
  • Salo H & Mäkinen J (2014). Magnetic biomonitoring by moss bags for industry-derived air pollution in SW Finland. Atmospheric Environment 97, 19–27.
  • Salo H (2014). Preliminary enviromagnetic comparison of the moss, lichen, and filter fabric bags to air pollution monitoring. Fennia 192: 2, 154–163.
  • Salo H & Vaahtovuo E (2013). Enviromagnetic methods and their use in studies of spatial and temporal changes in airborne pollution load using the moss bag technique. Terra 125:4, 191–206. (in Finnish)
  • Salo H, Bućko M, Vaahtovuo E, Limo J, Mäkinen, J & Pesonen LJ (2012). Biomonitoring of air pollution in SW Finland by magnetic and chemical measurements of moss bags and lichens. Journal of Geochemical Exploration 115, 69–81.

Master theses:

  • Berisha A-K (2013). The spatial distribution of atmospheric pollution of Harjavalta Industrial Park.
  • Vaahtovuo E (2012). Magnetic properties of airborne particle loads as an indicator of road dust spreading in Turku city area, in spring 2010.
  • Limo J (2010). Magnetic susceptibility of epiphytic lichen, Hypogymnia physodes, as an indicator of airborne heavy metal concentrations and air quality in the city area of Turku, Finland, in the year 2005.
  • Salo H (2009). The magnetic susceptibility of the environment of Harjavalta: comparison of three different sample types.



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