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Guidelines for oral presentation

The time allocated for each standard oral presentation is 11 minutes with 2 minutes for a short discussion and 2 minutes for movement. Symposium keynote speakers have 20 minutes the presentation and  3 and 2 minutes for discussion and movement, respectively. The date, time and place of your presentation are available in the final programme on the conference website as well as in the final programme included in the conference materials.

Kindly bring your presentation on a USB stick to the lecture room where your presentation takes place and upload it on the computer well in advance. You can at the same time check the projection of your slides is satisfactory. We recommend you use the lunch break or a coffee break in the day before your session. For presenters for Saturday 18 August, we recommend you upload your presentation prior to the morning plenary (8:00 - 9:00) or during the first coffee break (10:00-10:30). There will be AV assistants to help you in the lecture room
In case you require the usage of your own computer, please check well before your session that the computer functions with the equipment in the lecture room.
Please note that there are no adapters for MAC computers in the lecture rooms. If you prepare your presentation using Mac, please remember to save it in Windows format.
Good to know
-    Programme versions in the conference hall computers (all in English): Windows 7, Office 2013 (earlier versions will work but some loss of functionality may occur).

- Powerpoint 2013 is installed on computers used in the halls, which uses an aspect ratio of 16:9 (widescreen) as default for slides, whereas earlier Powerpoint versions use 4:3 aspect ratio. The default for the slide projectors in the halls is 16:9. Either prepare your slides using 16:9 aspect ratio (preferred), or inform the AV assistant that you require projection with a 4:3 aspect ratio before the start of your session.

-   Computers have access to Internet. There will be no ordinary slide projectors, only computerised slide presentation.

-   Powerpoint based presentations, or presentations in PDF format are the safest and preferred option. Poster pitch presentations must be in Powerpoint (16:9 aspect ratio). A Prezi presentation (based on internet connection) should work, but we do not guarantee it (needs to be tried beforehand).
-    Your presentation can be loaded without problems if it does not exceed 100 MB: larger files can cause problems! It is useful to compress all PowerPoint presentations, especially if you have many digital images included.
-    Use embedded pictures, do not use images linked to other files. Linked pictures will not show up in your presentation! Accepted picture file formats: JPG and GIF. Again, please upload your presentation well in advance and make sure all is working.
-    Video and audio objects: Use embedded files, do not use files linked to other files. Linked files will not show up in your presentation!
-    Accepted Fonts are the standard Windows fonts. If you use a non-standard (e.g. scientific symbols) font with your presentation, you should supply this non-standard font separately with your presentation. For a normal projection, the font size 24 is sufficient. Use computer resolution 800x600 or max. 1024x768 and 16 or 24 bits.
-    Always make sure you bring a back-up of your presentation to the session

Guidelines for poster presentation

The size of the poster board is 88 cm (width) x 118 cm (height) which allows placing A0-sized poster in portait orientation
Posters should be mounted during the Get-together event, or at least before the beginning of the first session, and dismounted at the end of the last congress day.

The posters should be mounted and removed by the presenters. Pins will be provided at the registration and information desk.

The poster numbers will be in the final programme included in the conference materials. Poster boards will be marked with poster numbers.
Posters are on display throughout the meeting, and coffee is served in the vicinity of the posters. There are poster sessions scheduled in the programme. During these session authors are expected to be at their posters. Please provide descriptive hand-outs, if useful, to attendees.

Guidelines for Poster pitch

A poster-pitch presentation is a short 2-minute oral advertisement of your poster. The date, time and place of your poster-pitch presentation will be available in the final programme on the conference website as well as in the final programme included in the conference materials. The idea of a poster pitch is to stimulate members of the audience to visit your poster. There is no time for questions. You can present electronic slides; only 3 slides including a title slide should be included. Slides must be prepared in Powerpoint. Please see the guidelines for oral presentations above for details on uploading your slides.

Poster pitches are fast presentations without breaks. All presenters of a poster pitch need to be present in the lecture hall well before the start of their poster-pitch session, and are asked to there contact the session chair for further instructions.

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