Travel to and within Turku
​Map of Turku with conference venue and hotels which you can reserve when registering marked. More details under "Hotels reserved during conference"

Orientation and transport within Turku  

Turku is a small city, and a major benefit is that the city centre and most hotels (at least those reserved for the conference) are in walking distance from the conference site. The map above provides an overview. It is approximately 10 min walking between the centre of Turku (Market square) and the conference venue (University hill / Yliopistomäki).
Sign posts will guide you to the conference venue once you get to the University Hill.
The easiest way is to walk by the river to Turku Cathedral (a landmark easily spotted), continue to Henrikinkatu street (starting from behind the cathedral) turning right from Henrikinkatu street to Kerttulinkatu street and then almost immediately take up stairs on your left, and walk along a footpath passing between old wooden houses. Walk all the way up  to the top of University Hill where the Main Campus (conference venue) is situated. The building at the far end of the hill square is the Natura Building. This walking path is marked on the EOU2017 Map above.
Alternatively, you can continue Henrikinkatu street for about 300 meters, and then up through a parking area on the right side of the street, between the university buildings.

If you take a local bus (see next section), the buses stop at the Hämeenkatu street, the street passing the University hill from the right side (when looking at the map). Walk up the University Hill to reach the conference venue.

Public transport from the city centre to the conference venu

The easiest public transport connection is to take a bus from the Market Square ("Kauppatori") to the University ("Yliopisto") stopping on Hämeenkatu. For example buses number 2, 2A; 4, 40; 50,51,53,54; 55, 55A, 56 all go along Hämeenkatu. All local buses from Hämeenkatu go to the Market Square. A single bus ticket with 2 hours of changing time costs EUR 3. Details, maps and time tables of the public transport in Turku can be found here

Time difference

Local time in Finland is Eastern European Time (GMT +2 hours). Thus, one hour later than Central Europe, two hours later than United Kingdom and 3 hours later than Iceland. For this reason, we recommend arriving in Turku on 18 August 2017


Stay in Turku

Through the Congress Office, you can book rooms in hotels in the city centre. See Registration and Abstract Submission for details on these hotels and room prices.
You will be able to reserve your accomodation as part of the registration process.
If you want to book accomodation yourself then you can find useful links on accomodation (hotels, hostels, B&B, cottages, etc.) from the Turku Tourist office
or an internet-based booking service


Finland uses the euro. You can pay with Debit/Credit cards in almost all shops, restaurants, hotels and taxis.

Travel to Turku

General travel information is found from the tourist information

Turku Airport

Turku Airport is just 15 minutes away from the center of Turku. Bus number 1, with the harbour as its final destination, will take you to the center of Turku (Market Square). Time tables can be found from the Turku public transport travel planner.
Buses leave every half hour and tickets cost approximately 3 euros, only cash is accepted. Please note that there are no cash machines or bank services at the Turku Airport, please bring euros with you if you plan on using the bus!
A taxi ride to the center of Turku will cost around 20 euros. All taxis accept credit/debit cards.

Taxi in Turku
You can reserve a taxi at +358 2 10041. There are several taxi stands in the City centre.

Helsinki Airport

The best flight connections to Finland are through its capital, Helsinki. Because the Helsinki-Vantaa airport is about 2 hours from Turku when travelling over land, it may be worthwhile to fly to Helsinki and travel further by bus or train.

There are a number of bus services from Helsinki Airport directly to Turku. Regular busses leave once an hour for most of the day (there are periods during the late night that they leave less regularly). You can find information about the timetables and prices from Express Bus. Tickets cost approximately 30 euros per direction (a small discount is given for a return ticket) and you can either buy them on the internet or directly from the bus. Credit/debit cards are accepted. If you arrive in Terminal 1, the bus stops at platform 13. From Terminal 2, the bus stops at platform 23-24. The bus will have a sign saying TURKU on it. There is a bus change about 20-30 minutes into the ride, make sure you specify that you want the Express bus if there is a choice between Express and Pika when you take the bus (the former is a bit quicker than the latter).
Economic bus travel is available from Onni bus, but this requires you to travel via Helsinki (no direct departures to/from the airport).

Another convenient way to get to Turku is to take the train. Train travel takes about 2.5 - 3 hours.  From the airport you can take the local "I train" or "P train" to Helsinki central station or to Pasila station and transfer there to a train to Turku. The local trains leave about every 10-15 min and takes you to the city centre in about 30 min.
From Helsinki central railway station (or Helsinki-Pasila station), there are train connections between Helsinki and Turku every hour, departing approximately half past every hour. You can find the time schedule and buy your ticket online from VR. Buying a train ticket is advance reduces the price, often considerably, compared to buying the ticket just before departure. You can buy train tickets prior to departure at all railway stations (vending machines accept credit/debit cards). You can also buy your ticket on the train (but an extra fee is then charged). Note that some of the suggested connections between Helsinki-Vantaa airport and Turku will go via Tampere rather than via Helsinki, which is approximately equivalent in terms of total travel time.
Bus within Helsinki
The Finnair City Bus and local bus number 615 also drive between the airport and the train station in Helsinki city centre. Taxis cost about 50 euros to downtown Helsinki from the airport.


A ferry from Stockholm and Turku arrives twice daily. Ferry connections to Finland from central Europe and the Baltic States go via Helsinki and Hanko.

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