The European Studies portal aims to promote these research efforts, and to connect different researchers and research with groups in Turku, as well as with other research projects abroad. European Studies are defined in a variety of ways by various scientific disciplines, but we here agree on both a narrow and a broader-based definition. European Studies are defined firstly as the study of European integration, its causes and consequences in a variety of academic fields. Secondly, European Studies can be defined as the study of European-wide phenomena and processes.

On this page you will find information on current and past projects and research networks. The right-hand side of the page displays a selection of publications by researchers based at the two universities in Turku.

If you are looking for an academic expert to comment on a specific issue, be sure to also check the People section of this portal for additional information.


Citizens' Initiative in Europe
Maija Setälä & Theo Schiller (eds.)

Civic Participation and Political Trust: The Impact of Compulsory Voting
Krister Lundell

Disproportionality and Party System Fragmentation: Does Assembly Size Matter?
Krister Lundell

Eurooppa Élysée-palatsista katsottuna
Louis Clerc

The Globalization of the Arctic: Negotiating Sovereignty and Building Communities in Svalbard
Adam Grydehøj, Anne Grydehøj & Maria Ackrén

In Honest Officials We Trust: Institutional Confidence in Europe
Kimmo Grönlund & Maija Setälä

Little Ado about Little: European Studies in Finland
Matti Wiberg

The Minor Impact of EU on Legislation in Finland
Matti Wiberg & Tapio Raunio

Online Deliberation and Its Outcome - Evidence From the Virtual Polity Experiment
Kim Strandberg & Kimmo Grönlund

Questioning in European Parliaments
Manuel Sanchez de Dios & Matti Wiberg

Trust and Openness: Prerequisites for Democratic Engagement?
Sofie Marien & Henrik Serup Christensen

Who produces European Studies? A Bibliometric Study
Matti Wiberg



Accountability and Patterns of Alternation in Pluralitarian, Majoritarian and Consensus Democracies
Krister Lundell

Border control and internal security in the European Union: information, technology and human rights implications for third-country nationals
Audelina Ahumada

The Concept of "Emanation of State" for the Purposes of Direct Effect of Directives: Its Development and Meaning as Part of General EU Law
Tuomas Mylly

A Contextual Approach to Limits in EU Trade Mark Law
Katja Lindroos

Depillarization and shaping of the AFSJ
Janne Salminen

Does EU Law Include a Hierarchy of Secondary EU Law?
Tuomas Mylly

Double Subsidiarity, Double Trouble? Allocating care responsibilities in the EU through social dialogue
Kevät Nousiainen

The Economic Control of Information and the European Information Constitution
Tuomas Mylly

How to Tame the Elusive: Lessons from the Revision of the EU Flexibility Clause
Viljam Engström

Intellectual Property and Competition Law in the Information Society
Tuomas Mylly

International Organizations, Constitutionalism, and Reform
Viljam Engström

Maritime Interception of irregular immigration in the EU
Audelina Ahumada

Minorities’ right to day care: liberal tolerance or identity maintenance?
Kevät Nousiainen

The Nordic Model of Parliamentary Government and its Challenges
Thomas Persson & Matti Wiberg

Parliamentary Government in the Nordic Countries at a Crossroads: Coping with Challenges from ‘Europeanisation’ and ‘Presidentialisation’
Thomas Persson & Matti Wiberg (eds.)

Political Participation Beyond the Vote - How the Institutional Context Shapes Patterns of Political Participation in 18 Western European Democracies
Henrik Serup Christensen

Preliminary rulings, primacy and duty to review national law as national courts European function
Janne Salminen

Presidentialisation of Parliamentary Systems: Reality or Illusion?
Guy-Erik Isaksson

Religion and Democracy - A Worldwide Comparison
Carsten Anckar

The Representative Roles of MPs: A Citizen Perspective
Åsa Bengtsson & Hanna Wass

Rights-Based Constitutionalism in Finland and the Development of Pluralist Constitutional Review
Juha Lavapuro, Tuomas Ojanen & Martin Scheinin



Decentralized, Unitary Welfare States - The Role of Local Government in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
Siv Sandberg

Deliberation and civic virtue: lessons from a citizen deliberation experiment
Kimmo Grönlund, Maija Setälä & Kaisa Herne

Europa zwischen Fiktion und Realpolitik. L’Europe – fictions et réalités politiques
Roland Marti & Henri Vogt (eds.)

Eristäytyneestä rajamaasta eurooppalaisen yhteisön ytimeen [From Isolated Periphery to the Core of a European Community]
Tapani Paavonen

La Finlande
Matti Wiberg

How to Measure the Europeanisation of a National Legislature?
Tapio Raunio & Matti Wiberg

Matkalla Eurooppaan – vertailevia huomioita Tšekistä ja Suomesta
Henri Vogt

A New World Economic Order. Overhauling the Global Economic Governance as a Result of the Financial Crisis, 2008–2009
Tapani Paavonen

Parliamentary questioning in 17 European Parliaments: Some steps towards comparison
Frederica Russo & Matti Wiberg

The Personalisation of Politics - A Study of Parliamentary Democracies
Lauri Karvonen

Perspectives on State-Building and Democracy: A Research Anthology
Thomas Denk (ed.)

Suomen neuvottelupositiot Euroopan unionin neuvostossa vuosina 1995-2004
Antti Pajala and Mika Widgrén

Un euroscepticisme nordique? Le Danemark face à la construction européenne (1918-1993)
Louis Clerc



Die subsidiäre Union als Modell supranationaler Organisationsformen: Helmut Wagner und das Wesen der EU als intellektuelles Problem
Kimmo Elo

European Integration and Germany's Ostpolitik: From New Ostpolitik to “Strategic Partnership"?
Kimmo Elo

Rauli Mickelsson & Hannu Nurmi

Penser et construire l’Europe dans l’espace nordique et baltique, 1900-1995
Louis Clerc

Rimlandin uudet vaatteet? Itäinen Keski-Eurooppa 20 vuotta eurooppalaisena tilana Saksan ja Venäjän välissä
Kimmo Elo

Sortir de la guerre froide? Le débat finlandais de politique étrangère et de defense dans les années 2000
Louis Clerc



Multi-Causal Social Mechanisms and the Study of International Institutionalisation: The Case of EU-Russia Strategic Partnership
Hiski Haukkala

Nineteenth-Century Europe: A Cultural History
Hannu Salmi

Proportionality and Party Success in Europe
Maria Maunula

Too Little Too Late? – Comparing the Engagement of Nordic Parliaments in European Union Matters
Tapio Raunio & Matti Wiberg

Vapaakauppaintegraation kausi. Suomen suhde Länsi-Euroopan integraatioon FINN-EFTAsta EC-vapaakauppaan [The Period of Free Trade Integration. Finland's Relationship to West European In­tegration from FINN-EFTA to Free Trade with the EC]
Tapani Paavonen

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