MatSurf 10th Annual Seminar 2016

The 10th MatSurf Seminar will take place on Monday 7th of November 2016 in the Quantum Auditorium.

09.00 Opening of the seminar:  Prof. Petriina Paturi (Head of Dept. of Physics and Astronomy)

09.10 Invited lecture: Prof. Gernot Goll (KIT and University of Karlsruhe)
    Spin-dependent transport through ferromagnet-superconductor point contacts

10.00 Jaakko Mäkelä (Materials Research Laboratory)
    Properties, modification and device tests of the Al2O3/(In)GaAs junction

10.20 Coffee break

10.50 Dr. Ajit Kalekar (Materials Chemistry Research Laboratory)
    Polyporphyrin assemblies for Photoelectrochemical CO2 reduction

11.10 Dr. Ari Lehtonen (Inorganic Materials Chemistry Laboratory)
    Oxovanadium(V) amino bisphenolate complexes

11.30 Invited lecture: Project Manager Jari Keskinen (Tampere University of Technology)
    Supercapacitors: materials and applications

12.20 Lunch break

13.20 Jussi Tikkanen (Wihuri Physical Laboratory)
    PCMO - The phase diagram of a perovskite manganite

13.40 Joseph Toth (Industrial Physics Laboratory and Case Western Reserve University USA)
    Triboelectric charging through particle-particle interactions of bidisperse granular systems

14.00 Invited lecture: Prof. Ronald Österbacka (Åbo Akademi)
    Paper electronics

14.50 Oral poster presentation

15.20 Poster session (open end)FlyerMatSurf2016.pdfFlyerMatSurf2016.pdf


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