MatSurf 9th Annual Seminar 09.11.2015

The 9th Annual MatSurf Seminar will be held 9th of November 2015 in Quantum Auditorium.

Invited speakers and their talks

Prof. Olle Eriksson (University of Uppsala)
Modeling of materials, what can and can’t be done

Prof. Maarit Karppinen (Aalto University, Helsinki)
Atomic/molecular layer-engineered inorganic-organic hybrid materials: from fundamentals to energy applications

Prof. Jesper Nygård (University of Copenhagen
Advanced III-V nanowire designs: superconductor-semiconductor heterostructures for quantum electronics and vertical arrays  for cell biology

Published date 9/24/2015 9:00 AM ,  Modified date 11/4/2015 4:48 PM

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