Required enclosures for doctorate applicants
​Your application will be processed only once you have completed the application form and submitted all the required enclosures. All enclosures must contain your name and the reference number of your application. Reference number will be issued by the online application system.
Doctorate applicants must send the following documents by the deadline for application enclsoures at the latest, to complete their applications:
  • Official ID
  • CV (preferably in Europass format)
  • Motivation letter (preferably host specific)
  • Original Degree Certificate and its English language Diploma Supplement or Degree Certificate´s certified English translation (Doctorate applicants graduating by 15.7.2015: Home institution's certified proof of graduation date substitutes degree certificate. Degree certificate and translation must also be sent by 15.7.2015)
  • Academic transcript in English language certified by the home university
  • Language Assessment Sheet or internationally recognized language test certificate (e.g. IELTS)
  • Recommendation letter or acceptance letter issued by the host university
  • Research plan
  • Letter of Support by Host
  • Official proof of Socio-Economic Disadvantage (if applicable)
  • Official proof of TG 3 Status for applicants in particularly vulnerable situations, for social and political reasons (TG 3 applicants only)
All enclosures must be submitted in English, except for original certificates and transcript in original language.

Processing your application will start after we have received all required enclosures! 


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