Registration is now open for the conference Minimalism Unbounded! The Fifth International Conference on Minimalist Music. September 24-27, 2015, organised jointly by the University of Turku and the Sibelius Academy in Turku and Helsinki, Finland.
Conference participation fee:
members of the Society for Minimalist Music: 120€
delegates who are not members of the Society for Minimalist Music: 150€
students (not including food and refreshments): 20€
conference dinner (not included in the registration fee): 40€ 
price for one day: 80€

We encourage you to register for the conference at the earliest opportunity. 
Late registration (after September 1st) will incur a late registration fee of an additional 20€. A late registration fee is not included to the student price or price for day.

Registration will end at September 11.

You can register at this website:

A few things to keep in mind before you do so.
- be sure to have your credit card and other relevant details at hand before you begin the registration process as this might "time out” if you take too long to complete the forms.
- you may use the following cards when registering: Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club and JCB. Note that American Express is not accepted. Delegates with a Finnish bank account can pay directly using the Finnish online banking system (verkkopankit).
- if your credit card is not accepted, or if it is not possible for you to pay in one of the above ways, we would advise you to contact the conference secretary ( to inquire about us sending you an international invoice for the registration fee.
- note that the registration form will send you automatic confirmation of registration even before payment has been made. Do remember, though, that this will not be considered formal registration (and therefore you will not be entitled to participate in the conference) unless we have evidence on our files that a transaction has taken place. You should receive a receipt for your records once the payment process is complete.
- be sure to complete all of the relevant sections of the form by correctly ticking the boxes that apply to you (minimalist music society member, non-member, and so on).
- be sure also to tick the box for the conference dinner on Thursday in Turku if you will be attending.
- note that student bursaries are still available from the Society for Minimalist Music for those of your who are not salaried staff members at a university and otherwise do not have the financial means to attend the conference (see the message from the society secretary, Kay Potter, below, and contact her for further information).

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