Music, Nature and Environmental Crises: A Northern Perspective on Ecocritical Trends in Contemporary Music
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Nature has been one of the most common topics in music throughout the history. However, the close relationship between music and environment has entered now a new phase. Our relationship to nature has become affected by the consciousness of various environmental crises. This (eco)musicological research project studies the ways in which music contributes to the negotiation of environmental values. A special focus is on experimental, progressive, and artistically ambitious forms of contemporary northerly music. The project also offers a musicological viewpoint to humanistic study of environmental concerns and discusses the responsibility of researchers of art and culture with respect to these concerns.

The project is funded by the Academy of Finland

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Music, Nature, and Environmental Crises

An Ecomusicological Symposium


Tuesday, May 12, 2015,​ 10:00–17:00

​University of Turku

Sirkkala Campus, Hovi (V105)



10.00 Opening

10.15 Keynote: Climate Change, Ecomusicology, and Academic Discours, Aaron S. Allen (University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

11.15 Coffee

11.30 Fluctuating Guitar Market and Endangered Wood Species, Heikki Uimonen (Sibelius Academy / University of the Arts Helsinki)

12.15 Environmental Themes in Contemporary Finnish Orchestral Music, Susanna Välimäki (University of Turku)

13:00 Lunch

14.00 Sound and Social Space: Sensory Memory and Performative History in Vuonislahti Environment, Helmi Järviluoma (University of Eastern Finland)

 14.45 Hydroelectric Power as an Ecomusicological Concern, John Richardson (University of Turku)

 15:30 Coffee

15.45 Ecomusicology as Risk Musicology, Juha Torvinen (University of Turku)

16.30 Concluding Remarks



 - Research project Music, Nature, and Environmental Crises: A Northern Perspective on Ecocritical Trends in Contemporary Music (Academy of Finland Research Fellow Juha Torvinen)

 together with:

- Department of Musicology, University of Turku

- International Institute for Popular Culture, University of Turku (IIPC)

- Research project  Finnish Music in the 21st Century: The Socio-Cultural Significance of Art Music in the Postmodern World (SUMU).  


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