The organizers wish to thank all those who submitted abstracts for the conferfence. All session presenters´ abstracts are now published under the following abstract categories:

A paper session consists of 3-4 thematically linked papers. Each presenter has 15-20 minutes to present his/her work, followed by 5-10 minutes for comments, questions and discussion. The audience is encouraged to contribute to the discussion with questions and comments. The presenter can also ask questions and comments for certain issues from the session audience.


The Make it NOW! - Learning, Exploring, Understanding -conference has four official publications:
1. Abstract publication - prior to the conference.
All accepted abstracts have been published in PDF-format on the conference website.
Editors: Eila Lindfors & Jyri Halme
2.- 3. TECHNE
TECHNE Open Call is now open for the participants of Make it NOW! -Conference.

The TECHNE journal
will publish a special issue in spring/summer 2017, featuring the themes "learning environments" (1) and "craft and wellbeing (2), being however open for other themes as well. The deadline for submissions is 15th of December 2016. The submissions that will discuss on learning environments in craft, design and technology education as well as making in relation to wellbeing are especially welcome. Other themes are also welcome.

The TECHNE journal is rated on the basic level in the Finnish JUFO publication rating system (basic, leading, top, comparable e.g. ERIH PLUS).

The editors of this special issue are Eila Lindfors (FI), Kari Carlsen (NO) and Marja-Leena Rönkkö (FI). The editors will choose the submissions that are sent to the blind review process. The editors might suggest some of the submissions to be considered for review process in the forthcoming issues of the journal.

All the authors will be informed about the procedure concerning their submission. Comments on the blind reviewed articles will be received in March and the revised
resubmissions should be ready on May 15, 2017.

The TECHNE journal encourages research from different perspectives; theoretical, methodological and empirical research that focuses on various aspects of craft and sloyd. Articles can focus on social, psychological, educational, technological and cultural contextas within which craft and sloyd interact. The article embraces all forms of craft and sloyd: from design processes including making artifact and reflection, are of interest.

Further, the research context can be based on various settings: schools, universities, various craft orgnizations as well as informal learning settings. Analysis of craft may apply qualitative or quantitative methods at multiple levels. The Journal comprises articles in English and Nordic languages.

Please, see here the instructions on the format of the article and how the manuscript is uploaded on the Journal´s website. You will also find a Word template that facilitates writing. Download the template to your computer and start writing.

In case of any problems, please contact:

The Editorial Team: Eila Lindfors, Kari Carlsen and Marja-Leena Rönkkö
4. Publication Track FORMakademisk
To all paper presenters at Make it NOW! -Conference in Rauma, September 2016.

We are pleased to invite all presenters at the Make it NOW! -Conference to submit a developed version of their paper to FORMakademisk, for consideration for publication as a scientific article. FORMakademisk will publish a special issue dedicated to the conference. The special issue of FORMakademisk will have an emphaisis on the theme "Researching embodied making and learning - New methodological vistas on Making", however this does not exclude papers from the other sessions. Everyone are hereby invited to submit their article for consideration.

The deadline for submitting a full article is December 15, 2016. Estimated time for publication of the special issue is during spring/summer 2017.

The FORMakademisk journal is rated on the basic level in the Finnish JUFO publication rating system (basic, leading, top, comparable e.g. ERIH PLUS).

When preparing your article for submission, please make sure that your article follows the Author Guidelines specifies on our website. In order to be considered for publication, you will need to submit your article through our website. You do this by register as an author and follow the instructions for New Submission.

Articles are published in Norwegian, other Scandinavian languages, or English.

Any queries concerning this FORMakademisk call can be directed to:

The Editorial Team: Siri Homlong (SE), Jaana Lepistö (FI), Anniken Randers-Pehrson and Marte Sørebø Gulliksen (NO).

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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