Nordic OIKOS conference 2016
​Turku cathedral and river Aura viewed from the city centre

The 2016 Nordic OIKOS conference in Finland is supported by

Societas pro Flora et Fauna Fennici

Federation of Finnish Learned Societies

City of Turku


Pre-conference thematic symposium 1.2.2016  

"(Re)Appreciating the role of life history in eco-evo dynamics"


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The link below opens a subscription page where you are asked to provide your Email address (other information is optional). The system will send you an Email with instructions you need to follow in order to confirm your Email address. You will then get an Email "Welcome message" which confirms your subscription to the list. 
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 University of Turku campus

The conference will be held on campus at the University of Turku in the venerable city of Turku. The university is situated very close to the center of the city with easy access by foot or public transport from hotels and hostels in the city. Turku has a small international airport with direct flights from Stockholm and Helsinki (among others) and is easily accessible from the main international airport in Helsinki by bus or train.
The conference will be hosted by the Department of Biology and will take place in the Natura building (previously Natural Sciences or LT I), which has suitable lecture halls as well as convenient lunch facilities. We look forward to an intellectually stimulating and strong conference!




20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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