Organisers of OIKOS 2016


For questions related to the content and program of the conference, please Email:



For issues related to practical matters such as registration, hotel reservations and payment, please contact:

Congress Office
University of Turku
FI 20014 Turun yliopisto
Tel. +358 (0)2 333 5009


Local organizing committee

Jon Brommer, University of Turku, Chair
Toni Laaksonen, University of Turku
Marianne Fred, NOVIA University of Applied Science
Tina Ahonen, University of Turku
Veijo Jormalainen, University of Turku
Hanna Tuomisto, University of Turku

Scientific committee

Jon Brommer, University of Turku, local organiser 
Mikko Mönkkönen, University of Jyväskylä, Chair, Oikos Finland
Toni Laaksonen, University of Turku, local organiser
Veijo Jormalainen, University of Turku, local organiser
Otso Huitu, Natural Resource Centre, Oikos Finland 
Anna-Liisa Laine, University of Helsinki, Oikos Finland 
Raine Kortet, University of Eastern Finland, Oikos Finland  
Annu Ruotsalainen, University of Oulu, Oikos Finland


20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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