OIKOS Per Brink thematic symposium

(Re)appreciating the role of life history in Eco-evolutionary dynamics?

Convenors:  Dries Bonte & Dustin Marshall 

The PB symposium is organized on Monday 1 February 2016, as a special thematic symposium with a line-up of invited speakers. 


The PB symposium is held in lecture hall X in the Natura / LT1 building of the University of Turku. This the same place as the Nordic Oikos conference. See our page on Travel


The PB symposium is open for those registering for the Nordic Oikos conference,  2- 4 February 2016. You can register for the PB symposium as part of your registration for the Nordic Oikos meeting

Feedback to PhD students

All speakers of the PB symposium will be involved in advising PhD students that have registered to the symposium. This means that the speakers of the PB symposium have agreed to be available for providing feedback on the PhD students' oral or poster presentation delivered during the Nordic Oikos conference. This is a great opportunity for early-career scientists to get feedback by established seniors. 

Life streaming

The PB symposium will be life streamed, and can be followed using Adobe Connect. More details here.


Download abstracts here

9.30 - 10.15: Yngvild Vindenes

Individual variation and eco-evolutionary dynamics: Towards more flexible model frameworks and new applications

10.15 - 11.00: Dries Bonte

Movement as a central trait in life history

11.30 - 12.15: Marjo Saastamoinen

How do butterflies respond to environmental stress in natural populations and when are these responses adaptive

12.15 - 13.00 Matthew Bracken

 The roles of environmental context and life history in mediating ecological succession

14.15 - 15.00:Anna-Liisa Laine

Life-history trade-offs driving pathogen evolution and epidemiology

15.30 - 16.15: Gerlinde De Deyn

 Life history and above-belowground interactions

16.15 - 17.00:François Massol
Life-history traits and the properties of meta-ecosystems: a theoretical perspective 


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