Use of Twitter at the conference

​Tweets on presentations

Participants are asked to provide a short synopsis, which is tweeted at the start of the presentation. Presenters are also required to consent to information being dispersed via social media. In practice this means that, at the very least, we will tweet the synopsis of the presentation or, if no tweet is provided, the title of the presentation. All these tweet are accompanied by the hashtah #Oikos16 making it easy to follow the progress of the conference.

Live tweeting

It is great if participants on top of the conference tweets disperse more personal tweets on the presentations. We encourage the use of #Oikos16 hashtag. The handle of the conference is @Oikos2016_Turku

As a presenter, you can display your handle e.g. along with your personal information which would facilitate further communication on Twitter.

Presenter does not want live tweets

If, as a presenter, you do not want participants to live tweet about your oral or poster presentation, you can request this from the audience. Please use, at the start of your presentation, or print clearly on your poster,  this symbol

[or download it here)

Whenever a presenter makes clear that he/she does not want information on the content of the presentation dispersed via Twitter, we ask the participants to respect the presenter'swish.




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