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The Cafe events take place every few weeks, usually on Saturdays in comfortable, social and cozy environments, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the speech. Absolutely no previous knowledge of the topics is required and the meetings are totally free

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 Next Science Café


​The next Science Café

August 27th at 5 pm @ Vaakahuoneen Paviljonki

Gravitational Waves:
A new era?

Facebook pageligo-web.png A quantum simulator is a device able to emulate in a lab the most sophisticated quantum objects, from the famous Schrödinger cat to complex systems. It can be used for synthesising new drugs, designing new materials, simulating cosmological objects such as black holes, and perhaps even recreating the conditions of our early Universe. The biggest challenge is that quantum mechanics predicts that observing a quantum simulator inevitably destroys it. An European-Chinese team of quantum physicists led by the Turku Quantum Technologies group is currently investigating a way out. The solution is to engineer a quantum probe that observes quantumness without observing it! Come to listen to the newest revolutionary discovery in the quantum realm!

Prof. Sabrina Maniscalco will open the new Science Cafe’ Season which will take place in a new venue, Vaakahuoneen Paviljonki, on Saturday August 27th, at 5 pm. As usual, no previous knowledge on the topic is required and the event is free.

Speaker: Sabrina Maniscalco