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The need for science literacy has significantly increased over the past few decades, due to the remarkable advancements in science and technology, which have become part of our day-to-day lives, as well as the political decision making.

For instance, environmental concerns, such as global warming and climate change, are considered important and are often discussed in the media. However, the magnitude of the issues can be overwhelming, even for people actively following scientific journalism, especially since the media tends to cover the findings, results or reports of individual studies without a wider framework of reference.

As a group of scientists we have the insight from our own specialized fields together with the scientific literacy to translate these complex issues into more approachable packages and connect them to people's daily lives.

Finland’s future strength in science and technology depends on the interest and proficiency of our nation's young people, school teachers, and the general public. In order  to stimulate public excitement and knowledge about scientific disciplines, we take this initiative with our outreach program at the University of Turku.

The Science Outreach program can be applied to all schools (including international schools) nationwide. The researchers in our group from varying backgrounds are able to give demonstrations and talks in multiple foreign languages in addition to Finnish.

As researchers we believe that we have a social obligation to return something back to our society for supporting our research. Platforms like ours provide an excellent opportunity for young researchers to practice public speaking, science popularization and teaching. Our venture also promotes internationalization as the members of our group are, in addition to native Finns, from different nationalities residing and conducting their research in Finland.


1) Collaboration with schools in order to organize presentations, interactive discussions and practical workshops. Highlighting current important topics, such as climate change, alternative energy, or information technology. Keeping school children of various age groups as the main focus.

2) Co-operation between scientists and teachers, in order to provide the teachers with insights to the currently critical issues and the latest accurate scientific information.

3) Training young researchers to understand the need for public outreach and science popularization and, through co-operation with the teachers, help them to communicate their ideas clearly and efficiently to the general public.


4) Bridging gaps between schools and institutes of higher education


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