Sea and Maritime Studies in the University of Turku

The University of Turku seeks new research possibilities in disciplinary interfaces and interdisciplinary research. Sea and Maritime Studies is one of our research profiles that combines different disciplines.

Sea and Maritime Studies is rooted in our long-term research history and excellent research infrastructures in the coastal region of the SW Finland. Here, the unique archipelago environment, long-term settlement history, and diverse marine and maritime sectors are combined. This has provided empirical data for several disciplines for decades.

In addition to the wide array of research on the Baltic Sea, there is ongoing research on the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic Oceans, as well as on the Mediterranean and the Caribbean Seas. The thematic collaboration of Sea and Maritime Studies is developed together with Åbo Akademi University in some research areas.

Multidisciplinary approaches enable us to focus on multifaceted challenges and to create innovations for building a sustainable future for coastal zones and seas worldwide.

Major Fields of Research

​Marine and Coastal Environment

Changing Maritime

Culture, Coast and Sea - Wave Riders​

  • The effects of the global climate and sea level changes on marine, coastal and fluvial environments
  • Environmental monitoring, planning and conservation
  • Coastal Zone Management and Marine Spatial Planning
  • Digitalization in maritime context – shipping and marine industry
  • Maritime industry value creation, servitization and business growth strategies
  • Shipping, ports and maritime logistics
  • Contractual governance in maritime industries
  • New applied technologies
  • Cultural heritage and sustainability
  • Human–nature interaction
  • Marine and coastal history
  • Sea, imagination and human experience
  • Relationship between local and global


NaviGate 2016 Tiedekahvilan esityksiä

2016 is the 110th anniversary year of the Bengtskär lighthouse , a cultural monument owned by Turku University Foundation


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