​University of Turku declare open two assistant or as sociate professor (tenure track) and two research director positions for developing sea and maritime studies research profiling. Position’s requirements include experience on research projects, international research networks, proven record in external research fund-raising, solid academic track record and research experience from each special field of research (see below).  Transdisciplinary research involvement will be accredited. Applicants are requested to demonstrate their plan how to develop and coordinate research in the field in the University of Turku during the next four year period.

1. Assistant or associate professor (tenure track) position

Applications are hereby invited for the position of Assistant Professor / Associate Professor (tenure track) of Biology, especially Animal Physiology and / or Genetics of Aquatic Organisms at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

For the position of Assistant Professor, we seek highly talented and already merited researcher beyond his / her post doc phase yet still at his / her early academic career, and who have shown potential, initiative, and innovation in research and teaching. Candidate for associate will have a distinguished academic career and an established international reputation and network in his / her field, as well as an excellent publication record and success in acquiring external research funding.

The assistant / associate professor is expected to strengthen  "Sea and Maritime Studies" multidisciplinary research area in the University of Turku, especially the diverse marine environmental research, by bringing strong research experience and skills in animal physiology or genetics of aquatic organisms.
The application for this post is closed

2. Assistant or associate professor (tenure track) position

New tenure position, as assistant or associate professor, in The Faculty of Humanities, at the School of History, Culture and Arts Studies with a special emphasis on the cultural, sea and maritime studies. The position includes the leadership and development of the sea and maritime studies research network at the faculty. The assistant and associate professor also participates in developing the multi- and transdisplinary, high-profiled, international sea and maritime studies as a field in cooperation with other faculties of the University of Turku and the units of the Åbo Akademi University. It also strengthens sea and maritime expertise as a strategic cluster in Southwestern Finland.
The application for this post is closed

3. Research director

Research Director is appointed to the Turku School of Economics and the unit of placement will be the Finland Futures Research Centre.

The Finland Futures Research Centre is a unit in Turku School of Economics which concentrates on multidisciplinary futures research, education as well as development projects

The duties of the research director include conducting and supervising scientific research, staying up-to-date with the most current scientific developments in the field, and participating in societal interaction and international cooperation in the field.The focus field of position is transdisciplinary futures research and foresight in the context of Sea and maritime studies and digital futures. Research director conducts future orientated research and methodology development in transdisciplinary research teams and projects in profile areas, produces futures knowledge for development of them and leads foresight environment development of UTU. Further, research director is expected to have good academic record but also experience on applied research and development projects, fund raising and good leadership and management skills.
The application for this post is closed


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