Credit and Grading System


University of Turku uses ECTS, the European Credit Transfer System.

  • ECTS was developed by the European Commission to guarantee full transfer of credits for studies abroad toward the final qualification in the home country.
  • ECTS credits describe the workload required to complete a course/module.

1 credit is equal to 27 hours worth of work for a course, seminar or book exam or other methods of teaching.

  • This amount of work includes contact hours and/or outside independent study.
  • 60 credits represent the workload of one year of full-time studies, normally 30 credits for one semester, or 20 credits for one trimester.
  • In many cases, however, exchange or visiting students may complete a slightly smaller amount of credits per semester.
  • US students: 2 ECTS credits usually equal 1 US credit hour.
  • For more information about  creditation, please contact one of the ECTS coordinators at the departments. 


The grading or assessment of courses usually includes lectures, course participation, essay writing and/or a written examination.

  • An exam may not only be based independent study and literature in addition to lectures.
  • Some courses are taught over the whole term for two hours per week, others are taught for several hours per week over a shorter period of time.
  • Some courses are graded on a pass/fail basis only.
  • Incomplete or failed courses will not be registered or shown in the study transcript!

Courses are assessed according to the following scale, which can be compared with ECTS and USA grades:

​Finnish Grading Scale Qualitative Definition​ ECTS Grades​ ​US Grades
​Excellent ​A ​A+
​4 ​Very Good ​B ​A
​3 ​Good ​C ​B
​2 ​Satisfactory D​ ​C
​1 ​Sufficient E​ ​D
​0 ​Fail ​F/FX ​F


A completed study module will be assessed with a final grade. The calculated average between the grades received and the amount of credits will result in the final grade of a study module.  

Publishing Grades

Students can see their own results in Nettiopsu. Approved exam results are also published on departments' notice boards.

Because examination results and grades, as part of a degree, are considered public information in Finnish regulations, they may be openly published.


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