Degree System

The universities in Finland have degree structure of a three years Bachelor's degree (usually 180 credits) plus a two years Master's degree (usually 120 credits). The basic degree at the Faculty of Medicine is the Licentiate in Medicine which qualifies general practitioners for primary care.

Degrees usually consist of studies in one major subject and in one or more minor subjects. Studies form larger entities at three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced levels. The Bachelor's level studies usually consist of the basic and intermediate level studies, and advanced studies normally correspond to the Master's level. 

In Finland, PhD students are required to carry out independent research work and extensively familiarise themselves with research carried out in their field of study. The Doctoral degree normally requires at least four years of full-time study. In most fields, postgraduate Doctoral or Licentiate degrees can be carried out in English. (In Finland, the term postgraduate (jatko-opiskelija) often refers to post-Master's level studies: Licentiate or PhD studies.)


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