Doctoral Training
In the University of Turku, the right to study for a doctoral degree is applied for from the Faculties. When granting the right, the faculty accepts the doctoral candidate to the Faculty’s doctoral programme and at the same time, to the University of Turku Graduate School (UTUGS). After receiving the decision on the right to study for a doctoral degree from the Faculty, the doctoral candidates must register at the University of Turku. The registration takes place at the Student and Admission Services - please see the instructions for registration.
In addition to the Faculty-specific doctoral programmes there are many local, national and international doctoral programmes operating with external funding. All doctoral candidates are strongly encouraged to familiarise themselves with the existing doctoral programmes to find and apply to the one which meets the doctoral candidates’ expectations the best. Faculties' instructions and requirements concerning doctoral training are available at the Faculties' websites.

Further information, see UTUGS -pages

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