Courses at the Faculty of Medicine
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If you have questions concerning the courses DO NOT SEND email the professors in question but send the questions to email:


Courses of Autumn Term (1.8. - 31.12.)

 Courses of Spring Term (1.1. - 31.5.)


Clinical Rotations

The clinical rotations are offered both during Autumn and Spring term.
Please notice: the course must be completed beforehand at your home university. Please enclose the description of the course with your enclosures.


Dentistry offers some courses for the students of the 5th year, please check the programme.

Clinical dental treatment can be practiced by the 5th year dental students. Successful completion of Introduction to Patient Care is required for Clinical Patient Care in Dentistry. Also a good skill in Finnish language is required for enrolment in clinical patient care.

Nursing Science

Master of Health Science (Nursing Science) programme offers the courses in English and some individually arranged programme. Please contact in advantage to the International officer.


Biomedicine/ Drug Discovery and Development

For the exchange students it is possible to take the courses of the programme.


Biomedicine/ Biomedical Imaging

Open for all exchange students if they have a relevant study background. For the exchange students it is possible to take the courses of the programme.





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