Courses and Learning Agreement

​​Please read the following instructions before filling in your Learning Agreement!

What is it?

  • Learning Agreement is a part of the Application Form.
  • The purpose of the Learning Agreement is to help you to plan your studies during the exchange.
  • A signed Learning Agreement approves the study plan and comments on your course choices.
  • However, it does not guarantee a place on the course. See Course registration for more information.
  • You will probably have to change your Learning Agreement after arriving in Turku.

Where to find available courses?

  • Please see "Courses in English".
  • Course information for the next academic year is in most cases not available during the spring application period, so you should use the current information. 
  • In addition to the name of the course you will also need to fill in the course codes into the application form. The course code is a combination of letters and numbers (e.g. FNSC9806, YR222211). 

How many courses? How about lab or thesis work?

  • The recommended study load per semester is 30 ECTS. 
  • This means usually 5-6 courses per semester.
  • For lab work you should always have a supervisor at UTU.
  • You can work on your thesis independently at UTU but you have to attend courses, too. Please note that you won't get any credits from your thesis work at UTU. Please see page "Courses in English" (right-hand side column) for further information.

What are Semesters and Periods?

  • Courses are normally arranged either in the Autumn (September-December) or Spring Semester (January-May).
  • Autumn Semester is usually devided into Periods I and II and Spring into Periods III and IV.
  • Make sure that your Learning Agreement contains courses which are available during your stay in Turku.

Are there any restrictions?

  • In general, you should have some previous knowledge of the subject in question.
  • Studies of Law, Medicine, Business and Education are usually available only for students majoring in them. Please check course information for exceptions.
  • You can also choose language courses but most courses must be from some faculty (not from the Centre for Language and Communication Studies). Recommended amount of language studies is 2-3 courses. 
  • Courses offered by Åbo Akademi University are in many cases open for you but you should choose less than half of your studies there.



 Contact persons


​Does your home university require you to fill in also a paper-form Learning Agreement? If yes, below you find the contact persons you need for the form.

Faculties of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences:

Mrs. Liisa Järvinen, +358 29 450 2912 , incoming(at)

Faculties of Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Medicine and Turku School of Economics:

Ms. Kaija Kangasjärvi, +358 29 450 2603 , incoming(at)

Departmental Contact Persons

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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