Registration for the Courses

The registration for the courses in University of Turku varies between faculties, departments and courses. When you arrive in Turku, you need to find out from the course description or from the Departmental ECTS coordinator, how to register for the courses you have selected. Having the course in your Learning Agreement does not guarantee you have a place in it - separate registration is often required!

The options for different methods of registration are:

  • In some cases you register for a course just by attending the first lecture.
  • Registration through the online system “NettiOpsu is usually required for the courses in Turku Law School, Turku School of Economics and the Centre for Language and Communication Studies. Also some other departments use the NettiOpsu system for course registration (e.g. Department of IT). The course registration is open in Nettiopsu during specific time periods, which you should follow.
  • To some courses you register by writing an e-mail to the teacher.

If you wish to take courses in Åbo Akademi University you should follow the instructions given about the application procedure and deadlines.


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