Studies at Åbo Akademi University

How to apply 

1. Before the semester starts

  • Check the available courses at ÅAU's website.
  • Add the courses to the Learning Agreement included in the application form -like the courses of the University of Turku.
  • NB! Courses of Business or languages are not available.

2. During the semester

  • Send an email to and write your name in the title.
  • In the message part list the courses you wish to take and your
    Student number at UTU
    Date of birth
    (Finnish ID, if the student has Finnish nationality):
    Mother tongue
  • You will receive an email about the outcome. If it is positive, you'll get ÅAU's student number and instructions on how to register to the courses.
In order for you to be accepted, you must fulfill the prerequisites of the programmes and there must be places available in the courses.  


​NB! After receiving ÅAU's approval by email you still have to register to the courses online. This can be done by personally visiting ÅAU's ICT Helpdesk for getting a user account and then doing the registration in MinPlan.