Courses and Programmes in English

You can find the programmes and individual courses meant for exchange students from the links below or by using the Electronic Curricula Guide 

Course selection at UTU is quite free and you can take courses at many faculties, with some restrictions, provided that you meet the prerequisites for the course.

Some Faculties divide the Autumn and Spring Semesters into two Periods. Then Periods I and II are during the Autumn Semester and Periods III and IV during the Spring Semester.

 Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Faculty of Medicine

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Social Sciences


Turku School of Economics

Students of other faculties cannot take courses at the Turku School of Economics!

  • Courses in Economic Sociology, in Economics and Information System Science make an exception.  Note that previous studies within the subject area are still required.

Finland Futures Research Centre

Language Centre

Although you can choose language courses, most courses you take must be from some faculty (not from the Language Centre). Recommended amount of language studies is 2-3 courses.

Please note! Turku School of Economics has its own language courses for its exchange students.


University Consortium of Pori

The exchange programme in Pori comprises around 20 courses that can be categorized to four thematic modules:

  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Game Design and Culture
  • Information Technology
  • Self-study courses in Digital Culture, Cultural Heritage and Landscape Studies

Note that Pori lies 150 km north from Turku. Thus, you cannot combine courses from different faculties, if you wish to do your exchange in Pori.


 Working on your thesis in Turku?


​You can work on your Bachelor/Master/Doctoral thesis while in Turku. However, half of your study work load must be something else, i.e. attending courses is compulsory.

NB! You won't get any credits from your thesis work at UTU so the work won't be shown in your Transcript of Records.