Orientation for New International Students

The Orientation days are 23 - 25 August 2017.

The Orientation programme will be published here during the summer

The following themes are presented during the Orientation: 

  • Introduction to the University of Turku
  • Student Union of the University of Turku
  • Registration procedure and other administrative matters
  • Language courses
  • IT Services
  • Library facilities
  • Campussport services
  • Housing & student health care

+ Programme-specific info sessions for Master degree students and faculty information sessions for exchange students

+ Welcome Fair - get to know university's unis and student organisations!


Programme-specific info sessions for Master degree students
(information is updated throughout the summer)

Biomedical Imaging

Digital Health and Life Sciences

  • Molecular Systems Biology: 30 August at 12
  • Bioinformatics: 30 August at 10-14
  • Medical Analytics and Health IoT: 30 August at 10-14 
  • Health Technology: 30 August at 10-14 

Drug Discovery and Development

East Asian Studies

Embedded Computing

  • 30 August at 10-14

Food Development

  • 30 August at 12

Futures Studies

  • 22 August

Gender studies

Global Innovation Management

  • 22 August

Information Security and Cryptography

  • 30 August at 10-14

Law and Information Society

  • 29 August

Learning, Learning Environments and Educational Systems

Molecular Biotechnology and Diagnostics

  • 30 August at 12

 What else to do in Turku in August?

​Turku Summer School
The courses are free from charge for new UTU International Degree students! (NB. Social programme has a fee of 120€)

Informal get-together (15.8.2017)
For degree students - Organised by the university - more information coming soon!

Turun taiteiden yö (17.8.2017)
"The Night of the Arts" - site currently only in Finnish

Study in Turku - Event (31.8.2017)