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Language Centre

Both exchange and degree students have various possibilities to improve their language skills with the courses and activities provided by the University Language Centre.  Especially for international students they provide Finnish for Foreigner courses. Students can also participate in other language courses at more advanced level, when courses are not taught in Finnish, but in the target language. Language Centre also arranges extra-curricular activities like Language Circles and Tandem Language Exchanges.

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Library Services

The Library of the University of Turku comprises six different units at the Turku University Campus. Most of the University Library services are free of charge.

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IT Services

All students have access to the university computing services with no additional cost. You need a personal user account in order to have access to the computer resources at the university. You can collect your user account information from a HelpDesk after registration.

The Services include

  • 24/7 Computer Labs
  • Wireless networks around the campus
  • e-mail account and mailing lists 
  • Electronic study related programmes like NettiOpsu and Wentti  

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Student Lunch

There are several student cafeterias around the campus area that serve lunch. The price of the student lunch is €2.60 (with student ID). Lunch consists of one main choice from the menu, a drink (usually milk or juice), and all-you-can-eat bread and salad.

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CampusSports provides versatile sport services focusing on fitness and health. The fee for an academic year is 60€ (2016-2017).

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