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Tutor System for Degree and Exchange Students

A personal tutor system engages voluntary and trained Finnish or foreign students to help you with practical matters and to guide you through student life in Turku. Each tutor has about 3-5 exchange or degree students.

Tutors are Finnish or foreign students who are interested in foreign cultures and languages. They have volunteered to help you to get a smooth start in your studies and stay in Finland!

Tutors are also students with exams and other responsibilities.They have joined the acitivity to meet new people, to learn about different cultures, to practice a foreign language and to have a international experience. It is their free time acitivity and not a job. 

Once accepted to the university, you will receive the contact information of your tutor by email.

  • Exchange students receive the email usually in June or November and will always have a Finnish tutor.
  • Degree students receive the email during the summer and their tutors can be Finnish or of another nationality.

Inform your tutor about your arrival day, time and place as soon as possible so that s/he can make arrangements to meet you upon your arrival.

If you do not need or want a tutor, please inform your faculty (degree students) or the International Office (exchange students) as soon as possible.

Questions about tutoring? Please contact:
  • Exchange students: International Office:
  • Degree students: Your faculty or MA programme at UTU 

20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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