Registering to Finland as a foreigner and obtaining a Finnish Personal Identity Code

To get a Finnish ID Code you have to visit the local Register Office during the first three months of your stay.

Ask to be registered in the Finnish Population Information System - this means that you get your identity number and your postal address in Turku is registered.

How to reserve an appointment at the Register office:

Call:   +358 29 553 7340  
Go to:  -> Time reservation system
NB! Currently you can only book an appointment for Pori Unit. In Turku the reservation system is not working because the office has temporarily moved to another building. You can either call or visit the office to get an appointment.
  • Select: Personal Law Services >>Ulkomaalaisten rekisteröinti (Registration of foreigners)
  • Select office: Lounais-Suomen maistraatti- Turun yksikkö (Register office of South-West Finland, The Åbo/Turku Register office)
  • You will now be able to reserve a time > Registration of foreigners

When you go to the Office you will need to take with you:

  1. the form "Request for registration of personal data in the population information system " (You get this at the Office)
  2. passport or id card
  3. the Certificate of Attendance (you get this upon your registration at the International Office)
  4. If you already have a residence permit please bring it too.

When you have the Identity Number please scan the decision paper you got and send it to disco(a) Otherwise your Identity Number won't be in the university database.

The number consists of your date of birth and five other characters, so it looks something like this: 010195-1234.

Note 1: Students from non-EU/ETA countries can apply for the Identity number when applying for the residence permit. If you have the number already you should still visit the Register Office as described above in order to get your Finnish address registered. You need that e.g. for opening a bank account.

Note 2: EU/ETA citizens have also a right to register their residence in Finland. This is done at a local police station in Raisio (please reserve an appointment by phone before you go) and it costs about 50 euros.


20014 Turun yliopisto, Finland
Tel. +358 29 450 5000

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