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The programme deepens students’ theoretical and practical knowledge of Finnish language, and acquaints them with the Finnish culture, linguistics and Finno-Ugristics. Applicants must have an adequate proficiency in Finnish, since all lectures in this programme are given in Finnish.

The programme aims to train Finnish language and culture specialists, as well as Finno-Ugric linguistics. Graduates of the Master’s degree programme are employed for example in the field of education, translation, media, culture, or economics depending on their Bachelor studies and the choices made during the Master’s degree programme studies.

Admission Applicants are required to have  Bachelor’s degree studies in Finnish or other Finno-Ugric languages and adequate knowledge of Finnish. In exceptional cases, it is possible to admit applicants without any studies in Finnish, if their knowledge is deemed satisfactory both in Finnish and in linguistic analysis in an admission test given by the programme.

The yearly quota of the Master’s Degree Programme in Finnish and other Finno-Ugric Languages is 6–10. The applicants are ranked on the grounds of 1) content of former studies 2) amount of former studies and 3) success in former studies; studies in linguistics and studies in Finnish are prioritised 4) motivation letter and applicants’ own description of their previous linguistic studies.


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