Additional Time for Study Right

Applying for the additional time 

If it is probable that the student will not graduate before his/her study right expires, it is advisable to apply for additional time well in advance.  

Time table

  • In this case the application should be done by 31 March of the academic year at the end of which (31 July) the study right would expire.
  • If the study right expires 31 December, additional time must be applied for by 31 October.  
Even if the study right has already expired it can be restored and additional time can be granted if the student applies for it and if his/her study plan is approved of. In this case a re-registration fee (€ 35) is charged if the study right has expired at the moment of applying or if the yearly application period has ended and the study right has expired before granting the additional time. 
Additional time is applied with "Form to Apply for Additional Time", which must be returned to the faculty office.
The student should also enclose a personal study plan, including individual study modules and a schedule, on how the degree is going to be completed. If there has been special reasons for the delay of studies, the student should also enclose a clarification of them (e.g. medical certificate). 
The basis for the personal study plan is that the remaining studies continue with a rate of at least 30 ECTS per academic year. If the student wishes to compile a study plan with a slower rate of study, he/she needs to attach an explanation regarding the underlying reasons (please read the following chapter).


Granting the Additional time 

The most important prerequisite for granting additional time is the aforementioned personal study plan. The studies yet to be taken and the estimated date of their completion must be stated in the plan. In addition, the reasonableness of the granting will be judged: additional time is granted if the student is able to complete his/her degree in a reasonable time. The following matters are taken into account while making the decision:
  • the amount and extent of studies already completed
  • studies yet to be taken in comparison with the targeted completion time of the degree
  • possible additional time granted earlier
  • life situation (illness, societal activity, student exchange, internship etc.). If the student is appealing to such reason, he/she must enclose appropriate support documents with the application form


Additional time is granted as semesters. Additional time is granted for one semester at the minimum and for four semesters at the maximum.
Possible legislative reasons for absence (compulsory and voluntary military services, family leaves) are taken into account also during the additional time as long as Student Support Services is notified of them.
Even if the completion of the degree would require more than four semesters according to the study plan, additional time is nevertheless granted for four semesters only. The remaining additional time must be applied for separately.

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