Extension of Study Time Based on Legistlative Reasons

Applying for extension

The Universities Act states two reasons for non-attendance that entitle the student for an extension period: 
  • compulsory or voluntary military service
  • maternal, paternal or parental leave
The student should state either reason in the extension form. 

Time table    

  • The student may fill out this form and return it to the student centre Disco  by 31 March of the academic year at the end of which (31 July) the study right would expire.
  • If the study right expires 31 December the form must be returned by 30 November.
The documents which state the permitted reasons for absence and its duration must be enclosed with the form. 

Granting the Extension  

The decision is made in the student centre Disco.

The new expiration date is corrected at the student centre based on the notification form and the documents sent by the student. New expiration date can be seen in Nettiopsu.

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