Registration for the Academic Year 2017-2018

​Registration period

Registration period for the academic year 2017-2018 begins 1 June 2017 and ends 31 August 2017.

  • This concerns all students registered with the University of Turku as attending or non-attending for the spring semester 2017 and whose study right is still valid in 2017 autumn.
  • Students who have not registered for the spring semester 2017 as attending or non-attending, need to re-register with the University and pay the €35 fee for re-registration.

Registration period for the spring semester 2018 begins 1 December 2017 and ends 15 January 2018.

  • This concerns only students who have first registered with the University only for autumn semester 2017 and who register separately for the spring semester. 
  • Students who register separately for spring semester 2018 and have not registered for autumn semester 2017, need to pay €35 fee for re-registration

Please note

  • Only when your registration with the University becomes visible you can register for courses in Nettiopsu. To register for courses in Spring 2018 you should be registered as attending for the spring semester.
  • If you want to change attendance to non-attendance, it is possible only during registration period and only if you have not received any credits nor a degree during that semester. 
  • It is not possible to register beforehand or afterwards.
  • If you miss the registration period, a re-registration fee of €35 will be charged (decree of the Ministry of Education 1082/2009).

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