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​User Account for IT Services

After your registration with the University of Turku, you will receive a personal user account to use computers, email, data systems and other IT resources at the University. with the University of Turku, you will receive a personal user account to use computers, email, data systems and other IT resources at the University.

Contact information and instructions at .

You can active your account starting from June and use your utu-mail or login to Nettiopsu before the academic year begins. Some services are available only after 1 Aug 2017 t.ex. access to library databases. 

Nettiopsu - an electronis study register

Nettiopsu is University's study register, where all information on study rights and credits are entered. Nettiopsu is available for all students. Here is a list of services available in Nettiopsu.

  • Register with the University.
  • Print out a certificate of registration.
  • Check the study guide and make your personal study plan.
  • Check your current study rights and targeted completion time of your study right (demarcation of study time).
  • Register for courses and exams.
  • Check your course results or print a transcript. The results for completed study units are entered into the study register in the departments. A transcript of study records lists all the courses completed and credits accumulated.
  • Apply for student exchange.
  • Update your contact information.
  • Update your permission to use your information.

Registering with the University is done annually

All students need to register with the University of Turku each academic year. New academic year begins 1 August and ends 31 July.  Current registration is valid for the Academic Year 2018-2019. The instructions of registration for next year will be sent in June 2018. It will be sent by e-mail and only to University’s addresses (utu). Remember to active your user account!

Student Card and a certificate of registration

Student card

If you are allowed to join the student union and have paid the Student Union membership fee you can order a student card by using the electronic form available online at . A fee will be charged when ordering a new card.

Certificate of registration

Usually your student card is an adequate certificate of registration. A printed certificate of registration can be collected from the Faculty Office or Student Centre Disco. Certificate can be printed in English or in Finnish and you can use it as a certificate before you receive your student card.

Most of the benefits are for attending students only! Please notice that for trains and buses you need a different certification (,

Student benefits are available from the beginning of the academic year, 1 Aug 2018.

Remember to inform the Student Centre Disco of your current address and Finnish ID

Inform the Student Centre Disco of your current address to make sure you’ll receive information from University. The easiest way to do it is with Nettiopsu. Within the University your personal data is automatically transferred to the University library and to the IT Services (for user account).

University may release student’s contact information to certain purposes outside University:

  • This information is not used for commercial or marketing purposes.
  • Your name and contact information may be used from the student register system for certain kinds of research related to studies.
  • You may permit or deny entities outside the university to use your personal information for e.g. questionnaires and opinion polls related to studies (e.g. the Student Union, professional organisations). The permission to use a new student's personal data is given on an application form where the information is transferred to the study register. You can make changes on the status of the release of this information in Nettiopsu or by informing the Studnet Centre by e-mail.

Changes to personal information

Please note

Do you have a study right at the University from previous years?

If you have had already a study right at the University of Turku your student number will remain the same. You can check your status of registration at Nettiopsu. If you have accepted a new study right, but not yet registered with the University, remember to register with the University in time.

Previous Degrees at other University or Academy

Previous degree at other University or Academy will be entered into the Study Register for students who have been accepted to Master-level or PhD-level degree. This information is entered into Study Register at October and can be seen in Nettiopsu right after that. Previous degree is also printed in transcript of study records.

Right of Study for non-degree studies

If you have been accepted for non-degree studies your right of study is valid only for the studies and for the time that are stated in Nettiopsu. If you want to continue your studies after that, or if you want to study something else, please apply for a new admission (contact the faculty office).

  • If you are a JOO-student (JOO = joustava opinto-oikeus, flexible study right), you can apply for additional time or studies according to JOO instructions,
  • If you are an exchange student at UTU you have received a Course Card from the International Office. Please check, that the Student Number is same in the Course Card and in Nettiopsu. Remember that all Erasmus and Nordplus students need to fill in Learning Agreement and return it to the International Office.
  • If you are an exchange student at ÅAU you have received a Course Card from Åbo Akademi University. Please fill in your student number at University of Turku to the card.



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