Registration for Bachelor's or Master's degree for the first time

Registration period for the academic year 2017-2018 begins 1 June 2017 and ends 31 August 2017.​

These instructions are for students whose study right begins on 1 August 2017.

Notify the University that you will accept the study place. Please follow the specific instructions issued by the faculty! Only after that you can register with the University as an attending or non-attending student.

Registration as attending (present)

Registration as an attending student is done by paying the Student Union membership fee.

Registration in Studyinfo

  • Register as attending and pay the membership fee in Studyinfo, if you have a Finnish ID number and online banking credentials.
    • It is possible that from 1 June 2017 also students without Finnish ID can register in Studyinfo. International students will be informed of the registration procedure.

Registration using bank transfer

  • If you cannot register your attendance via Studyinfo, you need to order the bank transfer information form Admission and Student Affairs,
    • Students who don't have Finnish ID and have been accepted to international Master's Degree Programmes will receive the information automatically in May/June form the Admission and Student Affairs.
  • When registering as an attending student you must pay the Student Union membership fee within the registration period. Remember to use your personal banking reference number (viitenumero).  

Registration as non-attending (absent)

You can register as non-attending in Studyinfo or by email and in both cases you need to send the appropriate documents as well. It is advisable to register as non-attending student as soon as possible. It t.ex. helps the faculty to arrenge tutoring and other matters for new students.

There are special rules for new Bachelor's and Master's Degree students to register as a non-attending student. It is possible to register as non-attending only for specific reasons. 

  • Registration is valid when the appropriate documents have arrived to the Admission and Student Affairs and have been approved. Only after that it is possible to receive a certificate of registration with the University of Turku.
  • The registration period ends 31 August 2017 and documents must be supplied by 7 Sept 2017 at the latest, at which time documents delivered by post must also be delivered.  

Registration in Studyinfo

  • It is possible register as non-attending in Studyinfo if you have a Finnish ID and online banking credentials.
  • Remember to send also the documents that prove the legal grounds for your absence to the Admission and Student Affairs.

Registration by email

  • If you cannot register your absence via Studyinfo, you must register as non-attending by email ( Please state your entire name, date of birth (or Finnish ID number, if you have one) and the subject to which you received the study place.
  • Remember to send also the documents that prove the legal grounds for your absence to the Student Centre.

After registration

When your registration has been entered you will receive email from Student Centre. 

Please notice that the semester begins 1 August 2017, which is the earliest possible starting date of your student discounts and benefits. 

  • You can activate your IT account after registration at . The IT Services unit of the University of Turku will create a user identification to access to computer resources (for example the electronic study register Nettiopsu and email). In Nettiopsu you can check your student number at the University of Turku.
  • You can order a student card by using the electronic form. New student cards are produced in August, but you can order the card as soon as you have registered as attending and received your student number.
  • Your student benefits are available after 1 August 2017. If you need a temporary certificate of registration before receiving your student card, please contact the Student and Admission Services or the office of your Faculty.

Inform us of your Finnish ID and address in Finland!

You will receive more detailed information a few weeks after the registration. For this we will need your address in Finland, so remember to notify the Student Centre. Please send e-mail to

After receiving your user account at the University you can change your contact information in Nettiopsu. 


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