Registration with the University for old Bachelor's and Master's degree students

Registration period

Registration period for the Academic Year 2017-2018 begins 1 June 2017 and ends 31 August 2017.

  • This concerns all students registered with the University of Turku as attending or non-attending for the Spring semester 2017 and whose study right is still valid in 2017 Autumn.
  • Information on registration will be sent utu-email to these students in May.
  • Students who have not registered for Spring Semester 2017 as attending or non-attending need to re-register with the University and need to pay €35 fee for re-registration

Registration period for the Spring Semester 2018 begins 1 December 2017 and ends 15 January 2018.

  • This concerns students who have first registered with the University only for autumn semester 2017 and who register separately for the spring semester 2018. 
  • Students who register separately for spring semester 2018 and have not registered for Autumn semester 2017 with the University of Turku as an attending or non-attending student need to pay €35 fee for re-registration. 

Registration as attending

Registration as an attending student is done by paying the Student Union membership fee. All information for the payment will be found in Nettiopsu!

The information is available during registration period. You can pay either in Netbank or with bank transfer slip. You can pay voluntary fees together with the membership fee.

  • If you pay the membership fee with Netbank your registration is valid immediately.
  • If you pay the membership fee using the bank transfer there is a delay of  3-5 banking days before the registration is valid. Remember to use the personal banking reference number and pay the exact sum.

Only when your registration becomes visible in Nettiopsu, you can:

  • register for courses in Nettiopsu
  • take an exam in August or September
  • pick up a new sticker for your student card from the Student Union.
  • receive a certificate of your registration from the Student and Admission Services or the office of your Faculty
  • remember to register by the end of the registration period, 15 Jan 2018 at the latest!

Registration as non-attending

You can register as non-attending online through Nettiopsu. 

  • It is possible to register also by contacting Student Centre by e-mail (registration [at] ) or by post.
  • The University of Turku does not offer registration services by phone.
  • There is no Student Union membership fee charged if you decide to register as a non-attending student.
  • Remember to register during the registration period, 15 Jan 2018, at the latest.

I have not been registered with UTU in Autumn Semester 2017

If you have not registered as attending or non-attending in Autumn semester 2017 you will not receive registration info automatically. Please contact Student Centre for re-registration. 

  • If your study right has ended or is ending due to  demarcation of study time or passive register, you need to act according to specific instructions given for these cases.
  • Instructions for re-registrations.



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